The Best Gift For Child’s Growth – Joyful & Nurturing environment

As parents we are focused on giving good food and education to our children. However, The best gift for your child’s growth is to provide them with a joyful and nurturing environment.

In this article, I am going to share with you all the action steps that we must take as parents. If we can give this to our children, they will learn everything else on their own.

Live in the moment. Stop thinking about the past

Life is a series of events. Some are happy events and some are sad events. We always want to remember these happy moments. We try to forget the sad moments. However, more often that not we fail. The sad moments keep coming back to us. These memories pull us into a place that’s very deep and dark. The more we think they deeper we go and the more difficult it gets to bounce back.

We must stand strong. We must not let these sad and negative moment take control of our mind and body. We should focus all our energies on the happy moments and build a huge power house of positive energy that fills up our space with happiness and gratitude.

Avoid negative talk

Talking negative about any person, place or thing adds nothing to our overall wellbeing. In fact it slowly reduces the positive aura that surrounds us. It reduces our karmic balance and sets our life on a course that is difficult and filled with challenges.

Stop talking negative about any person, place or thing. Make a commitment now. You will definitely notice a change in your attitude and your overall lifestyle.

Be honest with your children. Tell them exactly how you feel and what you feel

We as parents, always try to protect our little ones. We hide our true feelings from them and try to provide an environment that is safe and free of worries. It is important that we give them a nurturing environment. But it is also important that we tell them how we feel and what behaviour makes us feel sad/bad.

Sometimes by not communicating we silently pass on negative vibrations to our children. We confuse them about our expectations and later regret when they do something that makes us feel sad.

It is important to have a clear, transparent and honest two way communication with our children.

Stop correcting your children all the time. Appreciate them enough

Criticising and constant nagging can prevent our children from exploiting their true potential. Hence, It is important that we don’t stop them from experimenting and trying new things.

Appreciation can go a long way in helping our children become confident, independent and responsible individuals.

Stop thinking of yourself as a superior. There are no bosses in parenting

Sometimes in the process of raising our children we take complete charge of their lives. We want to control everything that they do. We criticise them, we scold them and sometimes even hit them if they don’t behave the way we expect them to.

This is definitely not fair. Our role as parents is to raise them into happy, joyous individuals who have their own identity. We must not expect them to be what we wish them to be.

Give your child a joyful environment

Our main and probably the only main role as a parent is to provide a joyful & nurturing environment to our children. This is easier said than done. This requires letting go for our ego. Letting go of the feeling of superiority. Letting go of our expectations.

This requires patience, acceptance and the understanding that we do not own our children. We are here just to raise them but not to possess the.

Focus on your responses and not their behaviour

We as parents always want our children to be the best at everything. We want them to be good at sports, music, studies and almost everything that they try.

If they fail to deliver we either get sad or irritated. We pass on this negative vibration of dissatisfaction and sometimes react inappropriately.

it is important that we focus our energy on our responses and not on our children’s behaviour.

Parenting is about raising ourselves first before we raise our kids.

Only have positive thoughts about your children

It is true that we realise whatever we think about. Our thought is a powerful tool that helps us materialise what we focus our energy on. It is very important that we only have positive thoughts and pictures for our little ones.

Thinking good thoughts about our children results in happy and successful children. This is a law and laws never fail.

Love the relationship that you have with your children

The bond that a parent and a child shares is definitely the most precious bond. This is the most pure, selfless and amazing relationship that you have been gifted with. Value this gift and make the most of it.


These are very simple tools and steps that I shared with you that can help you provide them a joyful and nurturing environment.. These steps always work. You must go through these steps everyday in the morning before you start your day. This will help you stay calm, composed and respond more skillfully.

Always remember that we don’t own our children. We are here to just raise them not possess them.

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