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Hi, I am Riddhi Deorah,

I am a parenting expert & influencer. I am the founder of Easy Parenting Hub.

I am on a mission to help 100,000 parents live a happy, holistic and spiritual life.

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I am Riddhi, I am a mother to a three year old and I am here to make your parenting Life easier and happier.
I am an Economist turned fashion designer and now the founder of Easy Parenting Hub..
I intend to make parenting not just an easy but also an enriching experience for the parents.
I cover topics such as best books to read to your child, fun activities to engage your child, how to potty train your little one, how to teach them, how to emotionally bond with your little ones and many more.

Let’s Build A Happy Parenting Tribe Together! 

What do I do?

I am the founder of Easy Parenting Hub. I am a Parenting Expert & Influencer. I am on a mission to help 100,000 parents live a happy, holistic and spiritual life.


I wish to help parents by sharing my day to day experiences as a mother. You can find me on Instagram (popularly known as Mom_On_Skates)


I do one on one and group calls with parents. I have done more than 100 + one on one calls. You can read the reviews on Trustpilot 

My Digital School

I have more than 1000 + parents and children learning different topics on my digital school

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Client Testimonial

Hi! I am Ankit Agarwal. Whenever we talk about parenting, we generally speak about “Mom’s”. But I, as a father of Anaisha believe every father has equal responsibility like mothers. When a father realises this, the child not only feels loving and get love from both parents, but even mothers get their “Me” time. I thank Riddhi Deorah for providing this opportunity and platform for every parent to get and share ideas of how to be a good parent. Its sweet of her to share her experiences how she is enjoying her parenthood and successfully managing a business also. She is doing all this unconditionally.With her blogs and parenting group, I can get ideas, answers to my doubts from so many parents, that I am able to take care of my child’s upbringing so easily. And help my wife who is looking after our child most of the time.I really wish Riddhi all the success.
Ankit Agarwal
I am Mrunalini Ganjam, Cuemath teacher expert in Maths and Coding. I started exploring fun and educational activities once my son turned 2 years old. When I came across Riddhi’s profile on Instagram, I was actually attracted by the way she presented on how parents can manage time with kids. So, I immediately joined her to get valuable inputs and received English audio visual flash cards. This creates magic in my kid, he started listening to this daily during his breakfast and I could see he started using those words while speaking. Finally, I am a satisfied mother with what Riddhi had provided me. I also want to add, Riddhi provides not only educational activities tips but also very quick in giving personal tips as well. Thank You so much Riddhi.
Mrunalini Ganjam
Hi, I am Srishti Mehra. This lockdown has changed everybody’s life. ‘How to Parent’ our kids was the biggest question I had in my mind when this lockdown started. As soon as I came across your blogging page, I was like I am at the right platform. You are such an amazing Parent Educator, Riddhi. You provide us with actionable advice so as how to raise ethical, healthy, and happy kids. Your blogs are so motivating that it empowers me to be more considerate, sympathetic, and intentional parent. Can’t thank you enough. Keep up the good work, you are just awesome!
Srishti Mehra

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