Hi, I’m Riddhi,
A Fashion Designer Turned Parenting Coach.

 I’m on a mission to help mothers become confident, creative, and courageous. I founded Easy Parenting Hub in 2020 to help and support mothers. We are a beautiful tribe of thousands of mothers growing stronger together every day.

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In 2020 I founded Easy Parenting Hub

 to help mothers become confident, creative and courageous

Together we are learning, growing and making our motherhood journey not only easy but also enriching.

In 2020 I Wrote A Book On Parenting

Sharing My Experience & Insights About Parenting

If you wish to feel better about your journey as a parent then this book is for you. If you wish to do better for your child then this book is for you. If you think that learning is important even after we become parents then this book is for you. I really hope that after reading this book you will feel better about yourself and the amount of effort you put in every day raising your child/children.

In this book, I share with you what are the top 5 things that have helped me immensely on my journey as a mother. So if you would like to know what these 5 things are then grab a copy and start reading now. I promise this will be worth your time.

You might know some or most of it already because as parents, even though we all go through our unique journeys, our journeys are still very similar.

My Story

I was born and raised in Kolkata. I lived in a joint family with my grandparents, parents, and uncle’s family. My father was a simple businessman back then and my mother was a homemaker. I have four siblings, two elder sisters, one twin sister, and a younger brother. Life was simple and carefree.

As a kid, I was very inclined toward spirituality and mythology. I spent a lot of time listening to saints in an ashram that was right opposite our house. I am still very strongly grounded in spirituality.

I attended a convent school called La- Martiniere For Girls. I miss the assemblies and hymns that we sang every morning. My tryst with economics began when I, as a child, started accompanying my father to his workplace. I followed up on my interest by taking it up at the school level and subsequently majoring in it at college.

Riddhi Deorah

1000+ Reviews!

With over 1000+ reviews and a 4.9 star rating on Trustpilot and a 5 star rating on Google, Riddhi Deorah’s “Easy Parenting Formula” is not only making parenting easy but also enriching for thousands of mothers across the globe.

The beauty of the model is its simplicity and effectiveness. Anyone can apply and see the results in just a few weeks.

I Created These E-books To Help You

101 Best Books For Mothers
101 Best Books For
6 Steps To Stay Calm As A Mother
6 Steps To Stay Calm
As A Mother
Book on Affirmations
Book on
My Idea Diary
My Idea
Best Toys For Kids
Best Toys
For Kids
Best Youtube Channels For Kids
Best Youtube
Channels For Kids

Client Testimonials

"I joined riddhi mams tribe as a gold member in Jan 2022 and then there is no looking back and now I am a platinum member. It's the best decision after a long time that I have made for myself for my personal growth. It's an investment that shall give me lifelong returns. The group sessions are really informative and it has helped me to regain my self confidence and motivated me that yes it's possible even for me if I take consistent action. Ever grateful to be a part of the RD Tribe."

Eshita Tarun


"Hi, The membership is one of the best decisions of my life so far. I started my journey as a Garbh Sanskar trainer a few months back. After joining the course I have got a clear road map of how to become a good mentor, how to grow my business and a step by step solution of all the challenges that come when you start something new. I am learning a lot and implementing all the tools and hence seeing progress in my work. I am also much more confident and I am able to prioritize things in the right manner. Thank you so much Riddhi for being an amazing mentor and guide."

Ruby Agarwal


"I am feeling so great to be part of the parenting hub. It was a great experience knowing about all the techniques to take care of our kids the way we want to. I just love the way Riddhi Mam presents her knowledge to us. She is really a motivator. I received constant motivation for all these days and will continue to listen to her to keep me motivated and will be an active member among the mother's. I love my life and feel grateful for all the opportunities I have received from the universe. Thank you."

Sruthi Rethnan


"Hi, I am Pallavee Mehta, mother of a 3.5 yr old lovely Daughter. I am part of Riddhi Deorah's tribe and it has been quite a beautiful journey until now . I am growing and evolving each day. I have started working on myself and I feel so joyful. With Riddhi constant encouragement I have started my own Insta Page where i have started writing content on Parenting and Mindfulness. I would like to say that you would enjoy and see transformation when you join the Platinum tribe as each and every mother of the tribe encourages each other with so much love."

Pallavee Mehta


"Have come out of the comfort zone of hiding behind the cameras for such a longer time and this time coming out more confidentially and contentedly. All thanks and deep respect to my mentor Riddhi Deorah and an amazing parenting Tribe of mothers who consistently support, help and inspire each other everyday. I couldn't believe that I spoke in front of the camera without much hesitation. Love you so much Riddhi."

Jayalakshmi Krishnamoorthy


"Hi, My experience as riddhi's tribe member is getting better day by day. This time we are not only learning and gaining knowledge but we are also doing it practically. Now we have more access to social media platforms where we can showcase our talent as a parenting consultant. The confidence and the will of making things happen has increased immensely. We have weekly tasks which polish our skills and make them shine. Riddhi make us experience some beautiful moments which can be done only by a perfect mentor. She is very supportive and encouraging. It's my privilege to be a part of this tribe. Thanks."

Lavya Sundrani


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