Powerful Parent Podcast

By Riddhi Deorah

Hey everyone! This is Riddhi Deorah and welcome to the Powerful Parent Podcast. This show is not only about getting motivated and inspired as a parent but also about implementing the simple tools and strategies that we discuss on our way to becoming a Powerful Parent.
I feel that as parents we first need to raise ourselves before we raise our children and the best way to do that is to learn from each other.
And this podcast is my attempt to help you learn from my experiences as a mother, the mistakes that I made and the lessons that I learned and still continue to learn every single day because parenting never really ends.
Now even though I have conducted over 200 virtual parenting sessions for parents and corporates, done 100 plus one to one calls and impacted over 10,000 parents, I feel that this journey has just begun and I want each one of you to stay with me till the end.

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