Mothers, How Can You Be Happier?

Thank you for supporting me and trusting my work.

If you are reading this, then trust me it’s, not by chance but because you have attracted this message to your life.

One small message can change everything for you.

Something like this happened to me when I started my journey as a parenting influencer in 2017.

Everything that I share has worked for me.

I have made mistakes and learned from my mistakes.

I continue to make tons of mistakes and continue to learn from them.

So here is a small message for you. 

I live with happiness and not for happiness! 

This is something that I learned from the Bhagavad Gita and this has changed my life so much for the better 

Do things not for happiness but with happiness! ❤

If you are doing things to find happiness in –

A bigger home

A better car

A better lifestyle

A better tomorrow

Then chances are that when you get that better life you will want even more.

The idea is to not find happiness or to postpone it to a later date but to live with gratitude in your heart for what you have.

When you start to do things with gratitude you will start to find calmness and peace within your heart almost instantly.

You will start to attract

Better opportunities

Kinder people

Quicker results

And start to feel the happiness in everything that you do!

Have a wonderful day and remember that you are a diamond!

Sending you lots of love and gratitude. 

6 thoughts on “Mothers, How Can You Be Happier?”

  1. You are a true gem.. I really admire you and want to become like you one day but I am just opposite of what you are.. you stay very calm all the time but I am little short tempered person.. will take so much time to improve myself..

  2. It is always nice to see all your posts and teachings.
    Grateful to find you in my parenting path.
    Much Love and God bless you.

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