Top 25 Parenting and Life Posts That You Will Love

In this article I am going to share with you my top 25 Parenting and Life Posts on Instagram that has inspired and helped many parents. I am glad that I fought my reservations and created this content on Instagram. Influencing lives positively is the biggest karma and I get to increase my karmic balance because of this beautiful community.

Before I start, I want to share my story with you. How, why and when did I start sharing my parenting experiences on Instagram. So here you go. This is my story and after reading it, this could also be your story.

One message, yes! one message is all you need to change your life.

I am so grateful that I received this message.

June 2018, I was in a meeting on Buddhism and the topic for the meeting was “ The importance of sharing our experience with others.’ Throughout the meeting I kept thinking about sharing my experience as a mother with all other mothers going through a similar journey as me. I had no idea where to start and how to start.

But it’s truly said that when you really want something the universe conspires to help you. That’s what happened with me.

I told my husband how much I wished to share my experience with other mothers. He instantly encouraged me to do it through Instagram. I was very hesitant at first because I didn’t want to make my profile public. I am a very shy person which is why I just didn’t feel that being an Instagram blogger was something I’d be able to do.

We turned this into a bet and this bet has today put my life on an entirely different path.

According to the bet I had to make my profile public for a night and If I got more than 500 new people to follow me, then I would have to keep it public. I was quite sure that I would lose this bet so I went ahead with it.

Next day when I woke up, I was shocked. I had almost 800 more followers now and still haven’t seen such a jump in a day and I believe that I attracted this into my life by constantly thinking of a way to share my experience with others.

I lost the bet and now here I am sharing my experiences as a mother. I was so happy to see mothers reach out to me saying how they resonated with what I was sharing. Also, I believe that people can see through you. If you are authentic, honest and have a helpful attitude, people will get attracted to your energy.

You will see your group growing beautifully right before you. That’s what I believe happened to me. It was just the start of my journey and from just sharing experiences not too long ago, I now build parenting courses on mindful parenting, active parenting, hero method of communicating with your child, easy stress management, phonics and so many other topics.

The journey has indeed been beautiful. But it is just the beginning and I need you to be with me till the end. I want it to be a community of life long learners who make parenting not only a happy but also an enriching experience.

I have selected top 25 Parenting and Life Posts that I feel can impact us positively.

Post #1 Give your child the gift of undivided attention

Give your child the gift of undivided attention
Veer Trying a new sticker activity – 7th September 2018

Most of us surely give our kids most of our attention but are we really giving them undivided attention!? With our busy and stressful adult lives and so many electronic gadgets to distract us, we almost never give them the unwavering attention that they deserve.

It’s important that we give our kids all of our TIME for at least some TIME during the day. Children are very perceptive and it goes a long way in making them feel loved. Everyday in the evening I spend at least 45 minutes with Veer. I make sure that I don’t have my phone and laptop with me then. We spend time doing all the things he likes. I read to him, make animals sounds, play with blocks, we dance to songs, scribble and just basically do anything that Veer enjoys. This is definitely the best way to signal to your child that he is important to you and that you care for him. Honestly I think these 45 minutes have become an inherent part of my life and make me feel relaxed and happy beyond words.

I read this wonderful article called “The Dangers of Distracted Parenting” by Erika Christakis where she mentions that; When it comes to children’s development, parents should worry less about kids’ screen time—and more about their own.

It’s amazing how we are always so busy correcting our kids and keeping them in check that we forget to check ourselves first.

Start giving undivided attention to your child for SOME TIME everyday. You will thank yourself all your life for doing this!


Post #2 One of my favourite picnics

One of my favourite picnics
Picnic with Veer – 1st October, 2018

I am an outdoorsy kind of person and Veer definitely beats me when it comes to being a free soul. He just wants to run in the open all day. This weekend my husband, Rahul was travelling so I thought of doing something fun with little Veer. I packed a picnic and we spent all afternoon outdoors. Luckily the weather was good. It did drizzle in between but it soon became bright and sunny.

I feel picnics are such a great way to bond as a family. Usually picnics are a little noisy, full of conversations, food and fun.

However, this time since it was just Veer and I, it felt quite different. I found myself relaxing, reflecting about life, the decisions I have made and the ones that still lie ahead of me. Veer kept running around and loved being outdoors all day. I obviously carried his board books and toys to keep him busy. We had such a wonderful time.

I am already looking forward to our next picnic date. Sometimes these small pleasures are all you need to stay happy. We can do so much with so little. All good things really do come in small packages. Life is beautiful!

Post #3 Traditions tell a story

Traditions tell a story
Watering the Tulsi plant – 9th October 2018

Traditions, when well intended, lend a certain magic, spirit, and texture to our everyday lives. They can be big or small, but they differ from routines and habits in that they are done with a specific purpose in mind and require thought and intentionality.

Traditions provide a source of identity and tell a story about the family. They can teach children where their family came from or give insights into their cultural and religious history.

Traditions and the stories they tell about one’s family, play an important role in shaping a child’s personal identity.

I believe that traditions lead to stronger bonds and connections among family members. They provide strength during difficult times and help us feel comforted and secure. Family traditions and rituals help to reinforce values. For instance, if there is a tradition of eating at least one meal a day together with the whole family the value of familial solidarity is instilled in the child.

Passing down traditions to your future generations is a great way to ensure a part of you lives on in your children. More often than not, children emulate what they see their elders practice over the years.

We have a family tradition that’s more of a religious nature, where we water the Tulsi plant and then worship the Sun God every morning before we eat breakfast. I have been doing this for years now and I am happy that Veer has started accompanying me these days. I pray he chooses to continue this tradition and passes it on to the next generation.

Do you have any family tradition? I would love to hear your story.

Post #4 How to deal with your child’s behaviour

How to deal with your child's behaviour
I was going to meet my friends – 3rd November 2018


We, as parents, need effective ways to deal with our child’s behaviour.

We shouldn’t try to own their problems. Instead we should teach them to own them and come up with a solution. The former protects their today, the latter protects their tomorrow. If your baby scribbles all over the walls. Resist the urge of shouting or cleaning it. Instead try to explain to your child that the house will look ugly when his/her friends visit.

For instance –
Can you open your shoe before you come to bed? .
Instead try explaining to your child how his behavior is affecting your well-being. The sheet becomes dirty if you climb on the bed with your shoes on.

This helps your child understand how his/her actions are affecting things and people around him/her.

You might be wondering that this is easier said than done. But kids are intuitive and they always connect the dots with a little guidance. We give them less credit than they deserve. We need to be patient and give them a chance to own their problem. It is a fine line that a parent has to toe.

Post #5 Painting in the sun

Painting in the sun
Painting in the Sun – 4th November 2018

Veer and I had the most wonderful Sunday afternoon with colors. I simply love the current weather in Gurgaon. It was pleasant enough to spend an hour in the park in the afternoon.

We started with painting on a canvas and then Veer decided to paint my face!
Sometimes I wish he remains tiny forever. He is my biggest source of entertainment and I relive my childhood through him.

Post #6 Bath Time

Bath Time
Bath time -19th November 20108

Water has a brilliant positive charge that washes away all the negativity, leaving your baby clean, calm and fresh.

Shower improves blood circulation and stimulates the hormone called norepinephrine which helps to boost your child’s energy, focus, mood and sleep cycles. Showers also triggers neurogenesis that helps improve your child’s memory.

Veer often showers twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening after we return from the park. Some evenings when it’s too cold we skip. However, I think Veer is used to taking a shower twice a day and is very restless on days when I skip his shower time.

Post #7 Spent time with books and flashcards

Spent time with books and flashcards
Reading books and flashcards – 2nd December 2018

Veer and I spent our Sunday afternoon with cards and books. I just love how happy books and flash cards make him.

I usually let him choose what he likes from the pile. He is always more attracted to animals and birds. Cow is his favorite animal. One time, he spent almost 10 minutes staring at and kissing the image of a cow.

He loves identifying shapes and also identifies shapes when we are on the go. Often, he looks at road traffic signs and identifies them as a ‘triangle’ or a ‘circle’.

Post #8 Morning conversations with Veer

Morning conversations with Veer
Morning conversation with Veer – 6th December 2018

I want to lock this moment forever.

There was something very special about this one. I was in bed reading a book like I usually do for sometime after I wake up and my baby comes up to me; hugs me, kisses me and then decides to lie next to me and have a proper conversation with me. We spoke about pigeons, stars, cars, trains, fruits and so many random things. He also decided to sing Baba Black Sheep in between.  It was the most fulfilling conversation I have ever had. My heart was filled with pride and love.

There are so many things I want to remember about Veer but this is definitely my favorite.

I love him and I want to thank the Universe for bringing Veer into my life.

Post #9 Becoming a mother made me appreciate my mother a lot more

Becoming a mother made me appreciate my mother a lot more
Picture taken during our morning walk – 18th December 2018

I still remember how tiny and fragile you used to be. You were like a little mouse and I was so scared to lift you. You had little control over your neck, then suddenly you began to sit up straight, began to crawl and now you are walking next to me. I can’t believe I am already watching aero planes with you. How fast you’ve grown!

Being a mother has helped me understand my mother’s love towards me and why she still treats me like a baby.

Babies will grow up, they will become independent, they will choose their own path and everything around can change, but one thing that will never change is a mother’s love and concern for her child.

If you are a mother then you are Gold! Cheers to motherhood and all the amazing woman who are making this world a better place, one child at a time.

Post #10 The importance of nature in life

The importance of nature in life
Watering our plants – 18th January 2019

The importance of Nature for life on Earth is staggering.

I have curated a humble balcony garden in my flat, but it is my Haven and I love spending my idle time there. The plants add so much life and color to the surroundings. They make me feel happy and calm. Veer is turning 2 in a few months and I want him to grow up to love and respect plants too.

I got this super cute cow shaped water sprayer for Veer and we had so much fun watering our plants.

I was surprised that he recognized Tulsi and Pudina. Probably because I use both for my tea.  He is such an observant child, always listening and learning. Soon I might have to start being careful about what I say and do around him.

Post #11 Encourage your child to save

Encourage your child to save
Putting money in his piggy bank – 16th February 2019

Piggy banks are one of the most effective ways for parents to teach their children the value of saving money.

I introduced Veer to this money-box right after his first birthday. At first he struggled to put the money through the hole. Now it comes very naturally to him. Everyday after he showers, money-box is the first thing that he looks for. It’s like our everyday morning ritual to add some money in this box. I am sure that it’s just a game for him right now and he probably does not know that he is saving money. He is only 16 months old now. However, when he comes to the right age I can tell him what this box is and why have we been adding coins to the box. Introducing good habits at an early age can go a long way in establishing your child’s personality and overall livelihood.

If you’re child is 4-5 years of age then you can probably give them three different colored boxes. One that collects money for spending. Second that collects money for savings. Third that collects money for charity.

These simple money banks act as very powerful instruments when it comes to introducing your child to the basic concept of spending, saving and giving.

Have you gifted your child a piggy bank yet?

Post #12 Mud play with little Veer

Mud play with little Veer
Mud play with little Veer – 22 March 2020

Playing in the mud is such a joyful experience. Please try it if you haven’t yet.

Rolling in the mud is not just fun but also aids your child’s development. Mud contains a bacteria called Mycobacterium Vaccae that helps stimulate the immune system. Scientists have confirmed that regular exposure to this bacteria may help reduce the child’s susceptibility to depression.

Please let your child splash about in the mud. Playing in the mud will make him/her happier.

Don’t we all like a muddy and happy child?

Post #13 We meet after 3 days

We meet after 3 days
We met after 3 days – 23rd April 2019

One can travel the world, but there’s no place more beautiful than home.

I admit that earlier I didn’t miss Veer that much on my trips because I am a workaholic and get very involved with the task at hand.

However, this time it was so difficult. Every single day I just felt like taking the first flight back home. Love just keeps growing with time.

Missed talking to him, watching him laugh, missed our afternoon activity time and most of all I missed reading bed time stories to Veer.

It’s not easy being a working mom. Sometimes I just feel like quitting everything and spending all my time with my little man

Post #14 Breastfeeding

Having fun in our twinning outfits – 15th June 2019

As a new mother you are sure to receive all sorts of advice. Everyone will strongly recommend breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months. Breastfeeding is definitely important and has many benefits. Won’t get into the details now.
However, some mothers do not lactate naturally and sometimes fail to lactate even after trying everything possible. They are now likely to draw strong opinions from friends and family.

All sorts of questions start to worry the new mother- “Will my baby be healthy?”
“Will he/ she have a strong immune system?”
“Why did it happen to me?” I just want to tell you that there is absolutely no need to feel different. You did everything right. Lactation is a natural process and sometimes not in your control. All the protein, fats, vitamins and nutrients that your baby needs is now easily available in the form of instant formula.

Please do not be too hard on yourself. Make use of what’s been made available to you and enjoy Parenthood.

I did not lactate too much myself. Breast fed Veer only for 5 months and after that I suddenly stopped lactating. I obviously was very worried back then. However, Veer is a completely healthy baby. Our parenting journeys are unique just like our babies.

Post #15 Can expensive things buy you happiness?

Can expensive things buy you happiness?
ITC Kolkata – 20th June 2020

We are mostly focused on big things that we hope will deliver happiness, such as career, buying a new car, getting a new house and buying expensive luxury products It is very sad that we base our happiness on how expensive or difficult it is to achieve a certain thing. We like economic endorsement. If something is expensive we value it and if something is given to us for free we do not respect it (our Nature being the biggest example)

In this race to get everything big and difficult, more often than not we forget to appreciate the small pleasures of life.

If we sit down to make a list of events/ things that we hold close to our heart we will notice that most of these things don’t feature on our list at all and even if they do, they are towards the end.

I spent sometime today in the morning making my list and I was surprised how beautiful the whole experience was. It reminded me of so many old events and my heart was overwhelmed with love and gratitude.

I strongly encourage each one of you to make a list of the 10 most happy events in your life so far. If you don’t have the time to pen them down then just close your eyes and think about it. I promise you won’t regret it.

Post #16 Happiness is concrete

Happiness is concrete
Portrait Photography – 5th July 2020

With you in my life, happiness is no longer an abstract thing.

Happiness is concrete.

I can touch it and feel it every time I am with you.

Thank you little Veer for blessing my life with love and joy.

Post #17 First rain with little Veer

First rain with little Veer
First rain – 24th July 2020

This was Veer’s first interaction with proper rain.  .

I was a little worried about his health. However, I feel that these moments are so special. We got wet, we ran, we sang, we danced and had so much fun. I am always going to remember my first rain with little Veer.

Waiting to dance again with my little monkey.

Post #18 Veer’s love for cows

Veer's love for cows
Color activity – 30th July 2019

Spending a cozy afternoon coloring and talking to my little Veer about animals, stars, birds and his favorite, cows.

Sometimes I wonder when and how he grew so fond of cows. His love for cows reemphasizes my belief in things that you bring with you from past life.

Do you guys believe that there is a past life that impacts the current one?

Post #19 The importance of saving and investing

The importance of saving and investing
Sipping tea in my balcony – 17th August 2019
Savings! I took this word seriously only after I got pregnant with Veer
You could be a wise spender and have a considerable amount of money in your account.
However, If you factor in for inflation the purchasing power of your money can go down if you simply leave it in the savings account.
Hence, it is important that you save and invest in instruments that will help your money grow at a rate that beats the inflation rate.

Investments that you must have are –

1. PPF Account
2. Term Plan
3. Fixed Deposit if you are an extremely risk-averse individual. I personally do not encourage this at all
4. Investment in mutual funds through a Systematic Investment Plan. You can select the mutual fund depending on your risk appetite and the duration for which you plan to stay invested. You can start with a small amount of 1,000 also. I promise you won’t regret this.
5. Investment in direct equities if you like to take risks and follow the market
I think investing in direct equities and mutual funds can be risky but it always gives you better returns. When you invest in companies you are contributing to the growth of the economy by participating as a shareholder.
If you aren’t saving then now is the right time to start and if you are saving but not investing then now is the best time to start.
The earlier you start investing the better off you are!

Post #20 How to raise a happy and independent child

How to raise a happy and independent child
Morning kiss – 15th June 2020

Appreciate Them Enough –
It is important that we appreciate them for their good behavior and not just scold them for their misbehavior. Appreciation can go a long way in shaping their personality. Phrases like – You were amazing today, It’s so good of you, Wow! you have colored this so well, can really help them to be the best version of themselves. .

Build a Close Connection With Them –
Loving our child is something that we all do as parents. However, it is very important that we also express this love to them. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by the work in hand that we forget to tell our child how much we love him/her.

Make it Easy For Them To Communicate With You –
Make sure that you have a two sided conversation with your child and that they are allowed to have their opinions too. You should not be always telling them what is the right thing to be done. Likewise, you don’t want your child to be exactly like you and you want them to have their own personality.

Give Them Space –
It is important that you spend time with your child but is is also super important that you give your child some space and allow them to do things on their own. This encourages creativity and independence in decision making. .

Allow Them Space To Fall – It is important that we don’t force them to be good at everything. It is okay to fail and to learn from our failures. Do not make the mistake of comparing your child with some pre-determined bench mark in your head.

Post #21 Raising a child in a joint family

Raising a child in a joint family
This was taken in our garden in Alwar – 14th June 2020

Are you raising a child in a joint family?

Sometime back I had rolled out a Google form and asked parents to fill in their biggest parenting challenge.

Many parents mentioned that it was difficult to raise a baby in a joint family set up because of the disagreements and the difference in opinion that they had with the other members of the family specially the in-laws . I would like to share my view on the same.

Even though I don’t live in a joint set up I lived with my in- laws for 7 months during my pregnancy and 4 months after I gave birth to Veer. I also spend a lot of time with them as we visit them quite often .

In fact I am on my way to Alwar (2 hours from Gurgaon) that’s where they stay, as I write this post .

I feel that the most important thing to understand and accept is that we all want the best for the child. It’s just that we have different ways of looking at what is the best

In-laws like to pamper the child because they feel really happy to see a reflection of their own child in our little ones. They get excited and are just oozing with love. I think we will feel the same for our grand children.

We as parents feel that it’s important to have some rules and define certain boundaries in order to ensure a humble upbringing. We are absolutely correct

Basically nobody is wrong. It’s just that we are different people with a different mindset and more importantly at a different threshold. It’s completely different to be a grand parent than to be a parent.

Things that we can do to deal with this situation –

Only have good thoughts about everyone. Believe that everyone wants the best for your child.

If you feel that others are interfering with your style you will only end up feeling irritated. It is normal to feel this way sometimes. But you have to try and move your focus away from this

If you think that something needs to change, then have the courage to communicate and discuss it with your in-laws & other members of the family .

If you explain properly they will understand. Give them a chance to explain how they feel.

Please do not hold too much information in your head. This will only turn the disagreements into conflicts and worsen the situation for everyone. Sometimes these can just be silent conflicts. You will be passing on and receiving negative vibrations even without communicating. I feel this is the worst type of conflict to be in .

Make a routine and request everyone to follow the same. If they disagree, then find a good way of explaining to them the importance of having a structure in place. They will agree for sure! .

Allow some flexibility and don’t be too rigid with your structure. Living in a joint family is all about support, co- operation and compromise

Don’t think that you are the only one who is having to do this. Every single member is trying his/her best to hold the family together .

Hence, don’t overreact if your in-laws treat your child to a lollipop occasionally or pamper him/her with some extra screen time. Let them enjoy their experience of being a grand parent .

Our kids learn a lot from the other members of the family. However, they will always have your values. There is absolutely no need to worry.

I read this somewhere. Don’t remember where – however, I think it has helped me in so many ways.

Do your best, don’t stress and then just forget the rest.

Post #22 The power of maternal instincts

The power of maternal instincts
Afternoon book reading – 17th June 2020

Maternal Instinct is a very powerful thing.

Mothers are brilliant, courageous, compassionate, kind, wise, and practical. Mothers are strong. Strong in their faith, their spirit, and in their commitment to their children.

A woman plays many roles. That of a daughter, sister, wife and a mother. However, once she becomes a mother she will always be a mother first
A mother’s love is beyond any measure.

There is no guided manual on being a good mom. 

A mother-

Just masters the skills instinctively.

Knows what is the best for her child.

She knows what her child needs.

Is aware of how her child feels.

Knows if her child needs her.

A mother is the best person for her child .

Follow your instincts and do what you think is the best for your child

Your child needs books, your child needs activities, your child needs outdoor play but your child needs YOU the most.

Your cuddles, your nurture and your care is all your child really needs.

Post #23 Things that every parent must follow

Things that every parent must follow
Eating breakfast – 29th June 2020

Things you must do before you start to teach your child the letters of the English alphabet and the numbers.

Live in the moment. Stop thinking about the past. Avoid negative talk.

Be honest with your children. Tell them exactly how you feel and what you feel.

Stop correcting your children all the time. Appreciate them enough.

Stop thinking of yourself as a superior. There are no bosses in parenting.

Give your child a joyful environment.

Don’t try to make them what you have planned for them. Let them develop their own unique personality.

Don’t have expectations from your children. Have expectations from yourself

Focus on your responses and not their behavior.

Only have positive thoughts about your children.

Love the relationship that you have with your children.

Do this and everything else will happen on its own.

Post #24 Unhelpful pattern of thoughts


Are you a victim of the unhelpful pattern of thoughts?

Unhelpful thought patterns are thought patterns that we should move away from. As the name suggests these thought patterns are not helpful for us at all.

I want to discuss one such thought pattern with you today.

Mind reading – We form assumptions in our head about what the other person is thinking about us. More often than not we are wrong in our assumptions.

This is very common in any relationship, specially in the case of in-laws. In my one on one strategy session, the most common question that mothers ask me is that how to raise a baby with in-laws without being judged.

I always ask them one thing. How do they know that they are being judged?

Why do they think that the in-laws are thinking wrong about them?

Sometimes we are so consumed by what we want that we don’t just think for ourselves but also take ownership of what the other person is thinking or feeling about us.

We then let our assumptions about that other persons thoughts and feeling affect us. We let this assumption driven conclusion affect our overall well being

Even though I have used in-laws as an example, this could be true for any relationship

It is important that we stop playing the guessing game and just create positive thoughts about the people we live with.

When we do that we will only attract positive vibrations from them.

Thinking negatively can never give us positive results.

I want you to make a commitment to yourself, that you will only think for yourself and only create positive thoughts about what the other person is thinking. In fact, I would recommend that you don’t concern yourself at all with what the other person is thinking.

Just take charge of your own thoughts and make sure that they are positive.

See your life transform beautifully before you like magic.

Post #25 Raise yourself before you raise your child

Alwar – 8th July 2020

Parenthood is not about raising our children, it is about raising ourselves first .

As parents we are so focused on our expectations from our children that we forget to set any expectations for ourselves.

We want our children to be the best at everything. However, we forget to make a list of things that we are good at.

We want our kids to constantly learn and acquire new skills. However, is there anything new that we are learning.

We want our kids to be patient and understanding. How patient are we?

We want our kids to be submissive and tolerant. How tolerant are we?

We want our kids to go to bed early. What time do we sleep?

We want our kids to eat only healthy food. What do we eat?

We want our kids to be good at one sport. Do we play any?

We want our kids to learn an instrument. Do we know any?

This list can go on forever.

The point that I am trying to make is that we must shift the focus on raising ourselves first.

Our kids always learn best from example. It’s time we set the right example for them.

It’s time we reduce our expectations from them and increase our expectations from ourselves.

If we do this then parenting won’t only become easy but also enriching.


These are 25 Parenting and Life Posts that I have selected for you. I hope that you will benefit from these small pieces of information. I believe that even one positive message has the power to transform your life forever. Please let me know if you want me to add any other topic to this list. I will be happy to include that as a part of this article.

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